Monday, April 28, 2014

Journey to a Half Marathon- Post #1

So my running team, Rump Runners of TN, has decided to sign me up for my first half marathon on September 27th. What am I thinking! The furthest distance running to date, at one time, has been a little over 6 miles. At least half of that was walking. So I have 153 days or 22 weeks to get ready! 

I started planning today by researching training plans. Most of them are based around 12-16 weeks. They all mainly start based on an assumption that you can run 3 miles without stopping already. Since I'm still in the run/walk phase, I'm going to use a plan but modify it a little so I can catch up to running consistent 3 miles. 

I have changed my nutrition intake but I still have my "problem" areas. In these next 22 weeks, I also plan to change a lot more. My first sacrifice? No more sweets unless it's my vegan cookies or vegan frosty. Recipes for those are found on my blog. 

I have planned the next 4 weeks out so let's get this journey started!!! See you next post with an update. 

(Current weight: 210)

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