Saturday, August 2, 2014

Journey to a Half Marathon: Post #10 (57 days!!!)

I cannot believe there are only 57 days until my first half marathon!!!!! So much has happened since I last posted at the 80 days out mark. I decided to get on a formal training plan that started in July. Since I am also training for a Sprint Triathlon early 2015, I sprinkled some swim and biking in the running program. Overall, for July, I stuck with the plan. I had to move a few rest days but ended up training on the designated "rest" days so the mikes wouldn't decrease.

You Did What?
I also completed 13.04 miles on 7/26!!! My lovely husband thought it would be a good idea for me to "see what 13 miles feels like" so we set out early on a Saturday morning with no expectations other than completing the miles. I was able to get done in 3:50 which shocked me! We ran some but mainly walked fast. I did get really sick afterwards but I think it was lack of fluids and salt intake during the run/walk that did it. With Eddie having done this before and being a self-made vegan, he made me a Recovery Smoothie (recipe on blog) which helped tremendously. I feel more confident now knowing I can complete the distance. 

Some other cool things happened this month too:
1- I got my first road bike!!! She is gorgeous! I'm currently learning this new process since I have been riding a mountain bike with commuter tires for so long. 

2-I'm a finalist for Team Chocolate Milk!!! I submitted my application and made it to the next round. If I'm one of the top 8, I'll get sponsorship so I'm super excited!!!! (PS. You can vote at 
3- I completed a total of 104 miles in July!! Up from 66 in June. 

August has started off with a bang! Training will continue. Thanks for all the well-wishes!!!