Monday, September 29, 2014

Post First Half Marathon & Training Plan Info

Well, it's finally over....I completed my first half marathon this past Saturday, 9/27. In the week leading up to it, I was considering dropping down to the 5k because I didn't feel prepared. I followed the Women's Half training plan but after my husbands race in VA Beach, I didn't train the remainder of September. Just very few days running and no more than 5-6 miles. I doubted my ability to finish the race in the course time and didn't want to disappoint myself or my friends/family. One reason for the lack of training was the fact that I lost my job the day we got back from our VA Beach trip. This was devastating to me! Our company laid off people and I was one selected. I have never NOT had a job since I was 14 years old! So, needless to say, I have been battling a little depression and self doubt since the beginning of September.

Fast forward to 9/26, Friday, at the Expo, I spoke to the representatives and they said I could decide on race day which race I wanted to do. That allowed me to relax a bit....until I figured out I only had 1 mile to decide because the course would split at the one mile marker!

On Saturday morning, I drove to the race with a mindset that I would only do the 5k. I wrestled with myself over what I should do. I felt great that morning, the weather was awesome, what more could I ask for?! With one minute to the start, I turned to my husband and whispered "I'm going to do it!" He said "what?" and the gun went off! I took off! At the one mile mark, I went to the left down the Half Marathon path! I was feeling good and made it to the 3 mile mark in right under 45 minutes. There was so much support and people cheering is on! I felt great until about mile 11. My feet started burning and my hips were hurting, but I dug in and kept going! My husband and daughter helped me through miles 8-11. They broke off and went to the finish line to wait. I took off for the last 2.1 miles! AND I DID IT!!!!! My official time was 3:28:16! I can't believe it! My practice run about 6 weeks early had me at 3:58 for the 13.1, so I am still in shock over my time!

I am officially in the half club now! Can't wait to try another one! For 2015, my goals include losing 30 more pounds, doing more half marathons, and doing a sprint and Olympic triathlon! If all of those goals happen, I am planning a Half Ironman in 2016!!!!

A lot of people have asked me for my training plan. I used a modified version of the Women's Running Series training plan. I allowed approximately 12 weeks for training. If you look on the blog, the post that says "80 days" has pictures of my actual calendars.