Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4 Tips to Cut Processed Foods

As I continue to workout a lot, I'm finding I lose the most weight when I change my diet. I have been trying to cut out processed foods. (I have failed this over the past 3-4 days) This is one of the hardest things I've ever done! I believe that's why I'm drawn to write about it again tonight.

I am finding I struggle most at work during lunch and at night for dinner. When I go straight to the gym after work, I don't have an issue, but with my schedule getting a little more hectic, it's not always easy to get to the gym before 9 or 10pm at night.

On my quest to put together some meals for myself, I came across 4 tips to cut processed foods from your meals and stick with it! I have referenced the link to the article at the bottom of this page.

To summarize, here are the suggestions:
  1. Don't quit "cold turkey"! Evaluate what you are eating or drinking on a daily basis and slowly move to a total non-processed option. The example they give is of orange juice. Fresh-squeezed orange juice is your non-processed option. Orange juice not made from concentrate is the "almost real" option. Orange juice from concentrate is the "barely real" option. And orange sodas/flavored drinks are the "bad"/processed option. Depending on what type of orange juice you are currently drinking, move to the next best option. Continue this process until you are at the fresh-squeezed option, also known as the non-processed option.
  2. Think about how processed foods are affecting your body. Once you list out the items you are eating and drinking, evaluate those items to see how they are affecting your body. It can be as simple as making you feel tired all the way to increasing your blood sugar or blood pressure, headaches, and bowel issues. Think about if it is worth the risk to your overall health to continue to consume those items. Having trouble remembering what items are doing to you? Make flashcards and place them strategically around your kitchen/house where you are frequently tempted to consume these items. Better yet--put those reminders in your car, your wallet, and with your grocery bags so you are reminded NOT to purchase these items! Out of sight/out of mind.
  3. Choose fresh ingredients to make quick meals when time is of the essence. If you are crunched for time during a busy week, skip the drive thru and choose options from your local grocery store which you can use to prep a quick meal. For instance, pick up fruit and veggies that are pre-cut but still fresh. When in an extreme pinch, choose a garden salad and a piece of fresh fruit.
  4. Learn new recipes and prepare meals you can use for leftovers. Research non-processed food recipes online. I am also putting new recipes on this blog to try and share new ways to put a healthy twist on favorites, like chocolate chip cookies and brownies! The main thing to watch in your recipes are for ingredients that are processed. A website I have found with good recipes is www.detoxinista.com. Once you find recipes you like, save them on your tablet/phone or print them and make a custom recipe book. We have also started trying new recipes with our friends which makes it much more fun!
Thank you for being on my journey to get healthy and fit by not only being more active but changing my eating habits as well.

As promised, I found this article at: http://www.naturalnews.com/039249_processed_foods_diet_tips.html

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